2016 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class sport cars performance

2016 mercedes-benz slk300 was supported by 2,0-liter four cylinder turbocharged that produces 241 hp and 273 pound-feet torque .Rear-wheel drive and automatic transmission nine speed standard .Mercedes estimates that he would go from zero to 60 mph in 5,8 seconds .Epa-diperkirakan fuel economy is 28 mpg combined ( 25 city / 32 highway ) .2016 mercedes-benz slk350 got v6 3.5-liter that produces 302 hp and 273 lb-ft torque .Rear-wheel drive and automatic transmission seven speed standard .In testing edmunds , a slk350 away from zero to 60 mph in 5,6 seconds , more than half seconds slower of a rival bmw z4 sdrive35i .Fuel economy epa is 24 mpg combined ( 21 / 29 ).

2016 mercedes-amg slk 55 having v8 5.5-liter that produces 415 hp and 398 lb-ft torque.Rear-wheel drive and automatic transmission seven speed amg-tuned a standard.Mercedes expects to go from zero to 60 mph in 4,5 seconds, so that the car fastest in separate from hard-core segments, porsche boxster spyder light.Although his power, economic fuel bad in 22 mpg combined ( 19 / 28 ).

Mercedes-benz slk-class come security standards stability and control traction, brake abs, special airbag addition to extend up to provide protection head and airbag knee future.Also standard roll bar, attention assists ( driver sleepy monitor ) and mbrace mercedes ‘ telematika system, which includes notice automatic accident, help roadside on-demand, remote the unlocking teenage drivers and geo-fencing and monitoring speed. Premium 2 package includes blind-spot warning system.Premium 3 package includes jalur-keeping help.In testing brake edmunds, slk350 quit 60 mph in 113 feet, who biasa-biasa only for a car with the summer.We anticipate that slk300 will stop in the same distance.

Slk the interior having family resemblance strong layout of both sl and now defunct, but honey remembered, sls amg.Although slk is far the most expensive of three, you will be difficult to see where mercedes cut costs.Button, switchgear and interface comand who is almost identical to what is offered in many lineup mercedes, so that drivers slk will never felt like second grade buyers benz.One of the elements with sl is panel the glass ceiling typical that gives sunlight even when the temperature outside keep the roof up. unfortunately, no venetian blinds drawn, and satu-satunya protection you get from the sun striking is of a light.Instead of constantly wearing a hat, we strongly recommend springing for optional features magic sky control, that darkens glass in punching.Apparently ridiculous to get roadster ditarik-atap if the roof unable to block the sun.

Repeal a roof into the trunk ( a spectacle who entertains in itself ) uncover a cabin which remains friendly quiet at the speed of , assisted by a standard fixed-kaca a deflector .Other features that mercedes is a system pioneered by airscarf , that blows air warm in degree the neck from vent which mounted on a chair smart .In the summer , in the meantime , available matahari-reflektif the keeper of the skin against sunburn , and also slow down an aging process the bark is .Weakness the interior main to slk is that they will be comfortable , even by a standard compact roadster .Z4 , for example , give drivers a larger more space .In the bright side , baggage surprising accommodating for cars two doors whether the roof up ( 10.1 cubic feet ) or downward ( is still useful 6.4 cubic feet ) .

2016 slk-class enough athletics when happened around it, and most driver would be quite good fun.It also provides, smooth consisting that a driver mercedes expect.This is deftly two steps that roadsters most nothing can pull off, even though it is very much in accordance with nilai-nilai sl family.The slk300 and new, greater turbocharged four cylinder is now wholly competitive with a base model their main competitors: z4 and boxster.Slk350 trail number the bmw z4 sdrive35i, but in the real world midrange slk having many mendapatkan-up when you give spurs, and pingir exhaust notes on thrilling.


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